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Powerful One Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

In this podcast I am joined with amateur bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutrition coach and more Charlie Ikle. We chat about his journey from frat life and rock bottom to getting ready for the bodybuilding stage and a whole new life style! So much great content and a one of a kind...

Apr 23, 2020

In this episode, I am joined with my good friend Vanessa Gonzalez owner of Harvest Prep (a vegan meal prep service). We talk about owning a small business during the quarantine, staying positive in tough times, health frustrations and recommendations, her business/life and much more! Enjoy.   

Apr 16, 2020

Phil Parrow is the owner of top fitness pod in Nottingham MD, (the most safe/accurate body comp test out there) In this episode we talk about his company top fitness pod, why he started it/why its the best, health and nutrition, meditation, books, quarantine advice  and just life. 

Find Phil over at :...

Apr 9, 2020

In this episode I sit down  with Travis Clay (Personal trainer, coach, business owner, father, husband and much more). Travis and I talk about everything from how he lost a ton of weight, finding his passion/purpose, keys to life success, health tips, quarantine tips, and a real conversation about LIFE! Enjoy and stay...