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Powerful One Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

Aaron Velky is an entrepreneur, writer, high-performance coach, speaker and author from Baltimore, Maryland.

He’s the CEO of Ortus Academy, a financial intelligence company, works to empower businesses with team building and financial wellness workshops. He’s also the CEO of FrontRunner, a mastermind and retreat company that brings emotional, vulnerable, and transformational leadership training to inspire heart-led, purposeful business men and women.

He’s coached several hundred athletes and released his first book called Let Her Play in March 2020, written to help parents and coaches prepare their athletes for success in the future.

In this episode we discuss, using pain and friction to move foward and grow in life, Failure, the power of saying no, self awareness, and how to master self-awareness, purpose, being intentional with your time and priorities, turning what you love into your business,  and his major life advice for everyone! Enjoy. 

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