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Powerful One Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode I’m joined with Zuzana Dobro, independent entrepreneur and founder of The Who Method. Zuzana is a former communist kid who left at 18 with £200 in her pocket to pursue her passion for design. Working across the creative industry in London, her last full-time job was for a big corporation where she realized this was not her path, so she quit to travel 2 years solo around the world. Exploring the world was a heart-opening experience, leading her to a calling and an entrepreneurship journey. Zuzana currently helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain clarity and reach alignment with their dream customer.

And in this episode we talk about growing up in communist Slovakia, the power and impact of traveling and her experiences traveling, nature being a teacher, lessons learned from sports and the parallels to entrepreneurship and life, stepping out of the corporate world and following her passion and purpose, slowing down and understanding yourself and being self-aware, understanding and dealing with emotions, her program The Who Method where she helps aspiring entrepreneurs, and her life advice for everyone. Take notes. It's a good one! Enjoy. 


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