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Powerful One Podcast

Mar 12, 2021

Naseehaa “Nas” Bacchus is 23 years young and the owner and host of the Talk Bacc Podcast. After graduating college at the hight of the pandemic, Nas was faced with a new reality, given that a potential job and career was uncertain. After encountering a near life and death hospitalization, Nas has a deep look at her life and if she had truly been living in a impactful way. She quickly understood that there was more to life than running from one thing to the next so she created Talk Bacc. Going from girl who was very shy and by the book, Nas started  her podcast to encourage people to fearlessly embrace themselves and remember how lucky we all are despite what the world may look like. Now she is talking back to societal norms and expectations to help people step powerfully into who they are, while spreading good vibes and not germs!

And In this episode we talk about Nas’s podcast “Talk Bacc”, her crazy hospital encounter that forced her to wake up and take control of her life, using your gifts and love to serve others, shifting your identity, finding your voice, taking action, living for the kid inside of you, talking bacc to societal norms and expectations, getting around the right people,  journaling and how to begin journaling, healthy habits, what’s next in her journey, life advice for everyone and much more! Enjoy.   


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