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Powerful One Podcast

May 18, 2020

In this Episode, I'm joined with Dan Peterson out of Chicago Illinois. Dan husband, father, Entrepreneur and the Owner of Flipswitch Social Media Company providing social media marketing services to people and businesses.  In this episode we talk about his personal brand (@danpetersonofficial), and how he is trying to spread happiness, positivity, and the work hard play hard mindset.  Dan has so much different life experiences from door to door sales, being in a rock band and much more. A big part of his focus is trying to help people find what they love and go all in on it, which is why he's perfect for Powerful One!  We talk about everything from being an entrepreneur, how he found his passion, thoughts of going to college, what he learned through different life experiences , helping others find their passion, quarantine take-aways, his major advice for everyone and much more. Enjoy!     Dan’s Instagram: FlipSwitch Media: All Dan’s Content/Social Media Pages: One more thing...can you add FlipSwitch's Linktree to your sites? I saw you have my personal brand Linktree listed, but if you can add the business link, that would be awesome. Thanks! Here it is... Powerful One Instagram: Tommie Instagram: Website: Podcast: Shop: Spotify: Apple: