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Powerful One Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

Mike King is a father, husband, and Powerful man of God. And after reaching his goal of becoming a professional mixed martial artist and fighting for the the UFC, Mike had shifted his sights to a life outdoors, including Mountain climbing, guiding and being an endurance athlete.  After being stranded in the wilderness one day, Mike turned his life into a Walk with God. Mike's new goal is to help others reconnect with their creator through His creation as well as minister to people though his company . Mike is continuing his walk with God daily in becoming an ordained minister and a Disciple of Christ.   

And in this episode we talk about the CRAZY story of how we got connected, his run with the UFC,  overcoming with shame and guilt, getting left in the wilderness all alone, his God encounter in the mountains, Christianity being a relationship and not a religion, not focusing on fleshly things, what he has coming in the future and so much more!

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