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Powerful One Podcast

Oct 2, 2020

Megan is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Women’s Circle Facilitator, group fitness instructor and mom to 3 young kids. Megan struggled with emotional eating and a lack of identity in the past and has since learned the tools she needs to feel healthy, confident, empowered with food knowledge and embrace her authenticity. She has a deep passion for supporting other women who want to experience the same transformation. Such a powerful conversation. As we talk about, Covid lessons, taking action, shifting from the label of just being a mom to now also being a woman with a purpose and a vision, her program the peaceful plate method, (to help women overcome a bad relationship with food, binge eating and overall getting to the core root of struggling with food) , stepping out of fear and stepping into freedom, overcoming shame and guilt, stream of consciousness journaling, daily habits, self awareness, finding answers within you, doing things for yourself, and finally we talk about where Megan's headed with her life and purpose and her main piece of life advice for everyone!



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