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Powerful One Podcast

Jun 3, 2021

Neena Perez is a wife and a mother of four beautiful children.    She is a chef by trade and has written her autobiography called “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” - How I Overcame A Hard Hitting Life, which is a story of abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, hard times, divorce, poverty, finding faith, overcoming and hitting life back when life hits us hard. Neena says that encountering many challenges has made her the woman she is today, determined, strong and full of faith in God.  She has started her own YouTube / Podcast called Straight Talk No Sugar Added,  to impact others using her story and the story of other people that have overcome. The Goal is to encourage, support, love and lead people to be their best selves by challenging and transforming their thinking.

In this episode we talk about her boldness and authenticity, teen pregnancy, her incredibly traumatic upbringing, overcoming living in fear, finding her voice,  finding God, forgiveness, and forgiving yourself, getting into black magic, her amazing testimony of finding Jesus, becoming a chef, amazing God stories, foundational truth, her life advice for everyone and so much more.

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